"No Reboot" Kernel Patching - And Why You Should Care

Linux Today - 12 hours 34 min ago

LinuxJournal: With the major distros committing to support the 4.0 kernel and its features (including "no reboot" patching) at some point this year, it's a good time to take a look at what this feature actually does and what difference it will make for you.

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Fitch downgrades Japan, joins Moody's in warning on fiscal policy

Reuters: Technology - 12 hours 57 min ago
TOKYO (Reuters) - Fitch Ratings downgraded Japan's credit rating by one notch after the government failed to take steps in this fiscal year's budget to offset a delay in a sales tax increase, the agency said on Monday.
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Tesla Twitter account and website hijacked, Elon Musk pwned

The Register - 13 hours 1 min ago
Schizophrenic crims send Tesla claim calls to home of allegedly unconnected individual

The website and Twitter account of carmaker Tesla were hacked over the weekend, as part of what looks like a prank between rival hackers.…

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The Apple Watch: PULSATING WRISTJOB with a knurled knob

The Register - 13 hours 21 min ago
Satisfying wrist job or premature confabulation?

Review No, this isn’t the first Apple Watch review you’ve seen. Cupertino supplied review units to a few selected journalists at the start of April; the rest of us had to order our own and wait until the 24th for them. I almost ignored mine arriving because I was looking out for a watch-sized package. It came in a box more than a foot long, weighing a kilo.…

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Analyst Watch: Ten reasons why open-source software will eat the world

Linux Today - 13 hours 34 min ago

SDtimes: To be sure, many major Web companies like Google and Yahoo have been leveraging open-source dynamics aggressively and contribute back to the community.

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Deutsche Bank pledges overhaul, shares slide

Reuters: Technology - 13 hours 40 min ago
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank will cut 200 billion euros ($217.5 billion) in investment bank assets and exit a tenth of the countries in which it operates as part of a restructuring program designed to boost earnings and cut risk.
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Islamist rebels capture army base in Syria's Idlib province

Reuters: Technology - 13 hours 46 min ago
AMMAN (Reuters) - A coalition of Islamist rebels seized an army base in northwestern Syria at dawn on Monday after a suicide bomber from al Qaeda's Nusra Front drove a truck packed with explosives into the compound and blew it up.
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"Smaller and simpler" mantra rings through banking boardrooms

Reuters: Technology - 14 hours 28 sec ago
LONDON (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank's plan to jettison much of its German retail bank and withdraw from one in ten countries sees it join a growing list of banks choosing to shrink and simplify to survive.

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China maritime tensions dominate Southeast Asia summit

Reuters: Technology - 14 hours 2 min ago
KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Southeast Asian leaders edged closer to open criticism of China's land reclamation in the disputed South China Sea at a regional summit on Monday, as the Philippines drew the ire of Beijing which called its objections to the work "unreasonable".
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MIPS quietly bares its processor architecture to universities

The Register - 14 hours 5 min ago
Company hopes to use smart young brains to beat off ARM

The MIPS processor architecture behind many graphics cards and the PlayStation 2 is being laid bare by its licensee Imagination Technologies.…

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When THINGS attack! Defending data centres from IoT device-krieg

The Register - 14 hours 31 min ago
IoT makers aren't doing enough about security, so what should you do?

When good fridges turn bad. It may sound like science fiction, but security experts are warning that the growing prevalence of interconnected “thingbots” is opening up businesses to all sorts of bother.…

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Wikibon takes Fusion-io founder's FaME to logical conclusion

The Register - 15 hours 6 min ago
Stick it all in memory and nix your IO overheads

The Wikibon consultancy has taken an idea put forward by Fusion-io founder David Flynn and formulated a flash-as-memory-extension concept (FaME).…

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Welcome, stranger: Inside Microsoft's command line shell

The Register - 15 hours 33 min ago
A walk through the back office, from MS-DOS to PowerShell

PowerShell is everywhere, it seems. Not just in Windows Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange, Lync and Azure cloud, but it’s in third-party software, too. Take VMWare PowerCLI – that’s an extension of PowerShell.…

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Linux 4.1 Bringing Many Changes, But No KDBUS

Slashdot - 15 hours 34 min ago
An anonymous reader writes: The first release candidate of Linux 4.1 has been released, Linus noted, "The merge window is pretty normal in terms of what got merged too. Just eyeballing the size, it looks like this is going to fit right in — while 4.0 was a bit smaller than usual, 4.1 seems to be smack dab in the middle of the normal range for the last couple of years." There are numerous new features in Linux 4.1 like Xbox One controller force feedback support, better Wacom tablet support, Intel Atom SoC performance improvements, Radeon DisplayPort MST support, EXT4 file-system encryption, ChromeOS Lightbar support, and ACPI for 64-bit ARM, among other additions. However, KDBUS wasn't accepted for Linux 4.1.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Have Oetti and Google kissed and made up?

The Register - 16 hours 7 min ago
Nope. He's just coat-tailing Project Fi to bash roaming charges

Google’s new Project Fi — the Chocolate Factory's attempt to square up to mobile carriers — has a relatively surprising big fan: none other than EU digi commish Gunther H. Oettinger.…

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Google Provides Detailed Analysis of GitHub Attack Traffic - 16 hours 24 min ago The high-profile DDoS attack against GitHub that went on for several days last month was the end result of an operation that included several phases and extensive testing and optimization by the attackers. Researchers at Google analyzed the attack traffic over several weeks and found that the attackers used both Javascript replacement and HTML injections.
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The Further Democratization of Stingray - 16 hours 25 min ago Stingray is the code name for an IMSI-catcher, which is basically a fake cell phone tower sold by Harris Corporation to various law enforcement agencies. (It's actually just one of a series of devices with fish names -- Amberjack is another -- but it's the name used in the media.) What is basically does is trick nearby cell phones into connecting to it.
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HP in talks with unions ahead of the Big Split-Up

The Register - 16 hours 31 min ago
What's better than being a Fortune 50 company? Being two Fortune 50 companies

HP is consulting the local Works Council and unions well ahead of the corporate bisection, with the UK organ ready to dot the Is and cross the Ts in a little over four months.…

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Ruskie hackers nab unclassified Obama emails

The Register - 17 hours 8 min ago
Highly-sensitive networks considered secure.

Russian hackers have made off with unclassified emails sent and received by US President Barack Obama as part of an October Whitehouse breach previously played down as minor, according to reports.…

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US hospitals to treat medical device malware with AC power probes

The Register - 17 hours 32 min ago
'WattsUpDoc' is a stethoscope that detects viruses in sealed-box medicomputers

Two large US hospitals will in the next few months begin using a system that can detect malware infections on medical equipment by monitoring AC power consumption.…

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