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Survey results: Top 10 hacker SBCs

Linux Today - Fri, 2014-05-23 14:00

 LinuxGizmos: Yes, the Pi is still in the sky??? but some other winners may surprise you!

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ClearOS 6.6.0 Beta 1

Freshmeat - Fri, 2014-05-23 13:34
ClearOS is an integrated network server gateway solution for small and distributed organizations. The software provides all the necessary server tools to run an organization including email, anti-virus, anti-spam, file sharing, groupware, VPN, firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, multi-WAN, and more. You can think of it as a next generation small business server. Through the intuitive Web-based management console, an administrator can configure the server software along with integrated cloud-based services.

Release Notes: In addition to bugfixes and enhancements, this release introduces Wordpress, Joomla!, Tiki Wiki, WPAD, and AppFirst. Under the hood, the event system, IPv6, and ClearOS 7 compatibility have also been a focus of this release.

Release Tags: Beta

Tags: Server, Firewall, Filters, Operating Systems, gateway

Licenses: GPL, Public Domain

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Qmmp 0.7.7

Freshmeat - Fri, 2014-05-23 13:31
Qmmp (Qt-based Multimedia Player) is an audio player with a user interface similar to Winamp or Xmms. Alternative user interfaces also are available.

Release Notes: This is the last release of the 0.7.x branch. The first release of the new 0.8.x branch will be released next time.

Release Tags: locale, XDG, Stable

Tags: Qt, Audio, MP3, OPUS, vorbis

Licenses: GPL v2 Or Later

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US Wireless Carriers Shifting To Voice Over LTE

Slashdot - Fri, 2014-05-23 13:25
jfruh writes "For years for cell phone companies, one specific kind of data — voice calls placed by dialing a traditional telephone number — was entirely different from all the other kinds of data a phone used. But in the U.S., that's finally starting to change, as all the major carriers are planning shifts to voice over LTE. The carriers promise sharper call quality and quicker connections."

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Disney plans standalone <i>Star Wars</i> movies to go with the main trilogy

The Register - Fri, 2014-05-23 13:07
Godzilla director gets a crack at the first one, which may or may not be about Boba Fett...

A new trilogy for the Lucasfilm cash cow Star Wars is apparently enough for Disney, which has announced that it will be working on “multiple” standalone movies from the same inspiration with its acquisition.…

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A cryptocurrency to support open source development

Linux Today - Fri, 2014-05-23 13:00

 opensource.com: Devcoin is an open source project designed to support open source projects through the use of a dedicated crypto currency.

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Putin signals he will work with Ukraine leader, but blasts U.S.

Reuters: Technology - Fri, 2014-05-23 12:50
ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin appeared to hold out an olive branch on Friday by suggesting he will work with whomever is elected Ukraine's next president and calling for better ties with the West.

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Botched Executions Put Lethal Injections Under New Scrutiny

Slashdot - Fri, 2014-05-23 12:43
carmendrahl writes: "Lethal injections are typically regarded as far more humane methods for execution compared to predecessors such as hanging and firing squads. But the truth about the procedure's humane-ness is unclear. Major medical associations have declared involvement of their member physicians in executions to be unethical, so that means that relatively inexperienced people administer the injections. Mounting supply challenges for the lethal drug cocktails involved are forcing execution teams to change procedures on the fly. This and other problems have contributed to recent crises in Oklahoma and Missouri. As a new story and interactive graphic explains, states are turning to a number of compound cocktails to get around the supply problems."

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GM sales appear resilient amid recalls, dealers optimistic

Reuters: Technology - Fri, 2014-05-23 12:26
CHICAGO (Reuters) - In the midst of an historic run of recalls, including over one defect linked to at least 13 deaths, General Motors Co sales are showing resilience.
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SpaceX billionaire claims Air Force official 'likely' made job-for-spy-sat-contract deal

The Register - Fri, 2014-05-23 12:01
Elon Musk tweets about AF procurement official's lucrative VP position

Elon Musk appears to have taken to his official Twitter account to accuse a former Air Force official of having "likely" accepted a bribe to grant the exclusive black sat launch contract to United Launch Alliance.…

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Microsoft Fends Off Data Request, FBI Gets Data Another Way

Slashdot - Fri, 2014-05-23 12:01
An anonymous reader writes "In a time when the government avows that it cannot carry out justice without issuing secret warrants and National Security Letters to anyone other than the suspect, it is truly noteworthy when news breaks that the FBI, facing push-back from the likes of a company such as Microsoft, finds that it can indeed gather the information it needs for its investigation through a regular search warrant applied directly to its suspect. Such was the case on Thursday. Court documents (PDF) reveal that Microsoft filed a petition against the National Security Letter (NSL) it received involving one of its customers, citing violations to the First Amendment. The FBI later withdrew the NSL and went after their suspect in the old, Constitutionally-sound way. A federal judge ruled last year that the NSLs impinge on free speech' That judgement has been stayed, of course, pending appeal."

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Advanced makefile tips and tricks

Linux Today - Fri, 2014-05-23 12:00

Wazi: Here are some advanced makefile pointers to help you improve your development process.

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World's first ever Nobel Prize winning integrated circuit to be auctioned

The Register - Fri, 2014-05-23 11:40
Pah, what's the point, it would be rubbish for playing Crysis, etc

Are you a chip nerd with $2m to spare? Then you're in luck, because a historic prototype of the world's first integrated circuit is set to be auctioned at Christie's.…

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Google tells indie labels to take its YouTube deal or face OBLIVION

The Register - Fri, 2014-05-23 11:26
Hey little guy, there's just you and me here. And your balls, and this drawer

Google has threatened to "censor" YouTube music videos from the world's independent labels if the indies don't agree to its terms for the forthcoming YouTube subscription music streaming service.…

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Goodbye, Ctrl-S

Slashdot - Fri, 2014-05-23 11:20
An anonymous reader writes "'Save your work!' — This was a rallying cry for an entire generation of workers and students. The frequency and unpredictability of software crashes, power outages, and hardware failures made it imperative to constantly hit that save button. But in 2014? Not so much. My documents are automatically saved (with versioning) every time I make a change. My IDE commits code changes automatically. Many webforms will save drafts of whatever data I'm entering. Heck, even the games I play have an autosave feature. It's an interesting change — the young generation will grow up with an implicit trust that whatever they type into a computer will stay there. Maybe this is my generation's version of: 'In my day, we had to get up and walk across the room to change the channel on the TV!' In any case, it has some subtle but interesting effects on how people write, play, and create. No longer do we have to have constant interruptions to worry about whether our changes are saved — but at the same time, we don't have that pause to take a moment and reflect on what we've written. I'm sure we've all had moments where our hands hover over a save/submit button before changing our minds and hammering the backspace key. Maybe now we'll have to think before we write."

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Reg man pulls out telescope: Thar be magic quadragons... and lo, a new vendor

The Register - Fri, 2014-05-23 11:01
Has a strange flash-array beastie emerged in Gartner's Magic Quadrant?

Comment There is dissent in the flash array vendor ranks over Gartner gurus' magic quadrant. The all-flash array ranking quadragon has reared its head and breathed fire from its nostrils all over us puny Reg hacks.…

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Bash Getopts - Scripts with Command Line Options

Linux Today - Fri, 2014-05-23 11:00

 tuxtweaks: This tutorial provides example code to process command line switches or options in bash scripts using getopts.

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Militants attack Indian consulate in western Afghanistan

Reuters: Technology - Fri, 2014-05-23 10:41
HERAT, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A handful of heavily armed insurgents, including suicide bombers, launched a rocket propelled grenade and gun attack on the Indian consulate in Afghanistan's western city of Herat hours before dawn on Friday, officials said.
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Oof! Brocade posts a loss after taking $81m kick in the profits

The Register - Fri, 2014-05-23 10:39
Exiting a hardware biz costs goodwill. And goodwill costs greenbacks

After four quarters of profits Brocade has posted a $14m loss, due to a costly goodwill write-off as it exits a hardware business.…

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Ask Slashdot: Communication With Locked-in Syndrome Patient?

Slashdot - Fri, 2014-05-23 10:37
cablepokerface writes "We've had a significant family catastrophe last weekend. My sister-in-law (my wife's sister) is 28 years old and was 30 weeks pregnant till last Saturday. She also had a tumor — it was a benign, slow growing tumor close to her brain-stem. Naturally we were very worried about that condition, but several neurologists assessed the situation earlier and found the tumor to be a problem, but not big enough for her to require immediate surgery, so we decided to give the baby more time. She was symptomatic, but it was primarily pain in her neck area and that was controlled with acceptable levels of morphine. Then, last Saturday, our lives changed. Probably forever. In the hospital, where she was admitted earlier that week to keep an eye on the baby, the tumor ruptured a small vessel and started leaking blood into the tumor, which swelled up to twice its size. Then she, effectively, had a stroke from the excess blood in the brain stem. In a hurry, the baby was born through C-section (30 weeks and it's a boy — he's doing fine). Saturday night she had complex brain surgery, which lasted nine hours. They removed the blood and tumor that was pressing on the brain. Last Sunday/Monday they slowly tried to wake her up. The CT scan shows all higher brain functions to work, but a small part of the brain stem shows no activity. She is locked-in, which is a terrible thing to witness since she has virtually no control of any part of her body. She can't breathe on her own, and the only things she can move, ever so slightly, are her lips, eyelids and eyes. And even that's not very steady. Blinking her eyes to answer questions tires her out enormously, as she seems to have to work hard to control those. The crowd on Slashdot is a group of people who have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of topics. I'm certainly not asking for pity here, but maybe you can help me with the following questions: Does anyone have any ideas on how to communicate better with her? Is there technology that could help? Like brain-wave readers or something? Does anyone have any ideas I haven't thought of regarding communication with her, or maybe even experience with it?"

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