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Brazilians Welcome Genetically-Modified Mosquito To Help Fight Dengue Fever

Slashdot - Mon, 2014-04-28 01:05
An anonymous reader writes "The Brazilian government have decided to try battling the spread of dengue fever with GM mosquitoes. 'Now, with dengue endemic in three of the host cities for this summer's World Cup , Brazilian health officials are trying a radical new approach — biotechnology. They've begun a two-year trial release of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that have been genetically modified. "We need to provide the government alternatives because the system we are using now in Brazil doesn't work," says Aldo Malavasi, president of Moscamed, the Brazilian company that's running the trial from a lab just outside of Jacobina. The new breed of Aedes aegypti has been given a lethal gene. The deadly flaw is kept in check in the lab, but the mosquitoes soon die in the wild.'"

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Chap builds mobe based on Raspberry Pi

The Register - Mon, 2014-04-28 01:02
$US158 phone WILL burn a hole in your pocket

A clever chap named David Hunt has built a phone based on a Raspberry Pi.…

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'Internet World Cup' conference fizzles out to bore draw

The Register - Mon, 2014-04-28 00:30
NetMundial statement touches on surveillance but drops other key issues

NetMundial, last week's two-day conference on Internet governance staged in Brazil, has fizzled out to a bore draw with its concluding communiqué [PDF] failing to suggest strong action on key topics and for the most part reiterating previous conferences' conclusions.…

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What Happens To All the Universe's Hydrogen?

Slashdot - Mon, 2014-04-28 00:09
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "Just a second after the Big Bang, the Universe was a hot bath of radiation, with a small fraction of protons and neutrons in about equal numbers left over. By time it was four minutes old, it was 92% hydrogen (by number of atoms) and 8% helium. Yet the Universe has aged nearly 14 billion years since then, and have formed many generations of stars, all of which burn hydrogen into heavier elements. So how much hydrogen is left, and how much will be left far into the future? A lot more than you might think."

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Selfies are so 2013. Get ready for DRONIES – the next hipster-cam-gasm

The Register - Mon, 2014-04-28 00:02
When I said shoot me, I meant a photo, not a missile

Vid It's the social phenomenon that's taking self-obsession to new heights. We're not talking about selfies, granddad, and we're not even referring to belfies.…

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Benchmark graphics card (GPU) performance on Linux with glmark

Linux Today - Mon, 2014-04-28 00:00

 BinaryTides: In simple terms, GPUs that can process and render more images/graphics per unit time (frames per second), are more powerful.

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US judge: our digital search warrants apply ANYWHERE

The Register - Sun, 2014-04-27 23:05
Azure looking less lovely as Microsoft ordered to hand over e-mails held in Dublin

Microsoft has been told by a US District Court that it must hand over e-mail details to an unnamed law enforcement agency, even though that data is held offshore.…

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Death of witness may stymie probe into Brazil dictatorship

Reuters: Technology - Sun, 2014-04-27 22:57
RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - A month ago, retired army colonel Paulo Malhães proudly declared that during Brazil's 1964-85 military dictatorship he had tortured leftists until they died and then cut off their hands to prevent their bodies from ever being identified.
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Scientists Give Praying Mantises Tiny 3D Glasses

Slashdot - Sun, 2014-04-27 22:06
An anonymous reader writes "Scientists at Newcastle University are outfitting praying mantises with tiny 3D glasses in order to study how their vision works. From the article: 'Praying mantises have stereoscopic vision, unlike most invertebrates. This makes them sophisticated hunters, and ideal subjects for a team from Newcastle University led by vision scientist Jenny Read. By putting 3-D glasses on the mantises and faking them out, Reid and her colleagues want to learn how the insect's vision differs from ours.""

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NASA spots 'new' star just 7.2 light years away

The Register - Sun, 2014-04-27 22:01
Brown dwarf is coldest sun we've ever seen

Distant and dim, the brown dwarf WISE J085510.83-071442.5 (snappy name, there) could well have passed unnoticed since it's not large enough to ignite nuclear fuel to radiate visible light.…

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XOWA 1.4.4

Freshmeat - Sun, 2014-04-27 21:52
XOWA is a desktop application that can read and edit English Wikipedia offline. It displays articles in an HTML browser, and can download images on demand. It can also be used for Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, and the non-English counterparts.

Release Notes: This release adds support for hieroglyphics, offline images for Vietnamese wikis, and other minor changes.

Release Tags: Minor

Tags: Wikipedia, Java

Licenses: AGPLv3

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streamtuner2 2.1.0

Freshmeat - Sun, 2014-04-27 21:25
streamtuner2 is an Internet radio browser. It lists directory services like shoutcast and icecast/xiph.org in a GTK+ window. It mimics the older streamtuner, but is an independent rewrite and aims for more features.

Release Notes: Python2 and Python3 are now supported in parallel. Support for Gtk3 bindings in addition to Gtk2 has been implemented. Shoutcast, DMOZ, Jamendo, and Xiph channel parsing has been updated. The requests library is now used in place of urllib2. Various UI fixes and manual updates have been applied. This should still be considered a development release.

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Apple patents Wi-Fi access point location lookup

The Register - Sun, 2014-04-27 20:58
Cupertino turns world into 50m x 50m grid

Apple has once again demonstrated that it's no slouch as a patent troll, applying for and receiving a patent to tell you where you are, by performing a database lookup of WiFi access points.…

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Mozilla Aims to Improve Firefox Browser SSL Security

Linux Today - Sun, 2014-04-27 20:00

eWEEK: The open-source browser vendor offers a $10,000 bug bounty for flaws found in a new SSL certificate validation library.

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Polymer droplets turn smartmobes into microscopes

The Register - Sun, 2014-04-27 19:57
Boffin nearly threw away first lens before realising it could end the daily grind

An accidental discovery at the Australian National University (ANU) has created a way to deposit-print small, high-quality optical lenses, in something that's been hailed as “turn a smartphone into an optical microscope”.…

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Erik Meijer: The Curse of the Excluded Middle

Slashdot - Sun, 2014-04-27 19:15
CowboyRobot (671517) writes "Erik Meijer, known for his contributions to Haskell, C#, Visual Basic, Hack, and LINQ, has an article at the ACM in which he argues that 'Mostly functional' programming does not work. 'The idea of "mostly functional programming" is unfeasible. It is impossible to make imperative programming languages safer by only partially removing implicit side effects. Leaving one kind of effect is often enough to simulate the very effect you just tried to remove. On the other hand, allowing effects to be "forgotten" in a pure language also causes mayhem in its own way. Unfortunately, there is no golden middle, and we are faced with a classic dichotomy: the curse of the excluded middle, which presents the choice of either (a) trying to tame effects using purity annotations, yet fully embracing the fact that your code is still fundamentally effectful; or (b) fully embracing purity by making all effects explicit in the type system and being pragmatic by introducing nonfunctions such as unsafePerformIO. The examples shown here are meant to convince language designers and developers to jump through the mirror and start looking more seriously at fundamentalist functional programming.'"

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Fityk 1.2.9

Freshmeat - Sun, 2014-04-27 19:11
Fityk is nonlinear curve-fitting and data analysis software. It allows data visualization, separation of overlapping peaks, and least squares fitting using standard Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, a genetic algorithm, or Nelder-Mead simplex method. It knows about many functions (mostly bell-shaped, like Gaussian, Loretzian, Pearson 7, Voigt, Pseudo-Voigt, and Doniach-Sunjic) and user-defined functions can be easily added. It also enables background subtracting, data calibration, and task automation with a simple script language. It is mainly used to analyze powder diffraction patterns, chromatography, photoluminescence, infrared, and Raman spectroscopy, but it can be used to fit analytical functions to any kind of data.

Release Notes: A few optimization methods from the NLopt library have been added. A sigmoid function shape has been added. Several bugs have been fixed.

Tags: Scientific/Engineering, Chemistry, Visualization, curve-fitting

Licenses: GPLv2

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Lost treasure of Atari REVEALED

The Register - Sun, 2014-04-27 18:47
E.T. cartridges-a-plenty found in New Mexico landfill

Yes, Atari really did bury lots of cartridges for a dud game titled E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in a New Mexico landfill, according to film-makers who broke out the heavy digging equipment late last week.…

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Ukraine rebels free Swedish hostage; Obama seeks unity against Russia

Reuters: Technology - Sun, 2014-04-27 18:21
KUALA LUMPUR/SLAVIANSK, Ukraine (Reuters) - Pro-Russian rebels paraded European monitors they are holding in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, freeing one but saying they had no plans to release another seven as the United States and Europe prepared new sanctions against Moscow.

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Free Help Desk 2.4.2c

Freshmeat - Sun, 2014-04-27 18:13
Freehelpdesk is feature-rich help desk system designed from the ground up to meet the demands of help desk staff and their users. It is a Web-based system that can accept new calls from your users directly into the system. Calls can be tracked and searched to enable faster response times.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with the registration CAPTCHA, and a bug changing the user pending status.

Release Tags: Minor

Tags: Communications, Information Management, Issue Tracking, Records Management, Workflow Frameworks, Office/Business

Licenses: GPL

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