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When algorithms attack: Facebook sez soz for tacky 'Year in Review' FAIL

The Register - Sun, 2014-12-28 06:16
It's been really sh*tty, thanks for being a part of it!

Facebook has apologised to a man who moaned about the free-content ad network's recent "Year in Review" feature, after the firm's clumsy algorithms tastelessly inserted painful, personal highlights from 2014.…

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Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

Slashdot - Sun, 2014-12-28 06:00
MojoKid writes As a power user, you notice certain things that the average person might not. One of those is the difference between typing on a sweet mechanical keyboard with luxurious key action, versus pounding away on a run-of-the-mill squishy plank that relies on membrane switches to register your keystrokes. The difference may seem subtle to the uninitiated, though even casual typists can recognize that there's something inherently superior about a mechanical keyboard. Of course, it's the mechanical key switches that are responsible for elevating the typing experience. These are better than the rubber domes found in membrane keyboards in a number of ways, including feel, responsiveness, and durability. Mechanical keyboards are growing in popularity, as word is spreading about how good they are. In turn, keyboard manufacturers have responded by feeding more mechanical models into what was once a niche market. If you go out in search of a mechanical keyboard, you'll now find a mountain of options. This roundup further reinforced something we've known for a long time, which is that mechanical keyboards are the superior choice for both gaming and daily typing chores. That doesn't mean they're all created equal — there are different key switches to choose from, and features vary from one plank to the next. The choice of key switch type is highly subjective but we can say that Cherry MX key switches are indeed of higher quality than knock-offs like the Kailh switch. That's not to say Kailh switches are bad, just that you can discern a difference when going from one to the other.

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ECB's Weidmann says German 2015 growth may be better than expected

Reuters: Technology - Sun, 2014-12-28 05:38
BERLIN (Reuters) - Growth in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, could be better than expected next year and the situation in Europe is not as bad as many people think, the president of Germany's Bundesbank told a newspaper on Sunday.
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<i>The Reg</i>'s 2014 review: Uber, naked JLaw selfies and monkey madness

The Register - Sun, 2014-12-28 05:00
Put it on a stick and 'cheesie'

Facebook buying WhatsApp for nearly as much as Hewlett-Packard spent on Compaq in 2001? Well, 2014 was the year of the selfie, after all. Just don't let that pic of your bits get hacked.…

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Anti-Arab group poses legal, political dilemma for Israel

Reuters: Technology - Sun, 2014-12-28 04:46
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A far-right Israeli group that agitates against Arabs in the name of religion and national security is forcing the Jewish state into a legal and political balancing act as it tries to contain sectarian violence.
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